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Agility Equipment Available

We have available several of the obstacles depicted above, as well as other unique ones that are not shown such as Cavalettis, Ladder etc. Additionally we have some custom made obstacles that are used with our Lure Coursing to combine aspects of both sports. We work on creating some unique obstacles that are designed to challenge the dog in coordination, balance and other skills to help with competing in AKC, USDAA & K9 work and competition.

Our business is providing the field and equipment, we do not provide training. Trainers are welcome to contact us for setting up times they can use the field for training classes of up to 6 dogs at a time. Participants can also arrange to rent the field and equipment for practice, again no more than 6 dogs at a time please.

Setup/Setout for the equipment is $50.00, field time $20/dog thereafter (discounts for multiple dogs). So for a trainer that is $50 to put out the equipment from storage and you run your classes afterward by the hour. We can be contacted via this website, or by looking us up on Sniffspot.

Private dog park 1.5 acres (Lure Coursing! by special appointment) - Brighton, Colorado | Sniffspot

Image Credit: ID 174634765 © Dima1970|

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